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Rain Taxi Fall 2004 hard copy issue

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Advance for PHOBIA:

"Where another writer would take a predictable path, Paul Tremblay always surprises you. His characters are among the most vivid I've encountered anywhere and the situations they get into frequently had me laughing out loud. PHOBIA is a fine, touching, entertaining book -- now all it needs is an editor who isn't in love with the Holy Doctrine of Category, since it is too original and idiosyncratic to fit neatly into any of the usual boxes."

--Poppy Z. Brite, author of LIQUOR

"PHOBIA is quick and light and upchuck funny. Paul Tremblay's Cam Cleeves is a hilarious mess, dooming the Red Sox and learning to live as he gives in to and overcomes his fears. A vicious, loopy comic debut--don't miss it."


“Paul Tremblay is one of the most exciting new voices in fiction today. His first novel, PHOBIA, is a compulsive, hi-octane trip into the mind of one very strange customer whose sole desire is to achieve some normalcy in his life. If this sounds familiar, it’s because PHOBIA is about you – and every other poor, dysfunctional sap on Earth. PHOBIA is both funny and tragic, and strikes deeply at the heart of the so-called human condition.”

–-Louis Maistros, author of THE BIG PUNCH

"Paul Tremblay's PHOBIA takes us on a hilarious, quick, and smooth read. Cam Cleeves carries us on his anxious comedic quest to conquer his fears and pushes on to realize there is actually some hope in his future. PHOBIA is a pure laugher and a must read."

--Kris Meyer, associate-producer of the Farrelly Brother's movies ME, MYSELF, AND IRENE and SHALLOW HAL, and co-producer of STUCK ON YOU.

"Paul Tremblay's City Pier milieu is hardboiled future noir, funky and fun, like a weird telepod accident blending Mickey Spillane and Philip K. Dick."

- Jeffrey Thomas, author of PUNKTOWN.

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