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Paul G. Tremblay uses his "G." He has to. His father is Paul N. Tremblay, a wonderful Frenchman, but nothing brings Paul G. Tremblay to violence quicker than when someone calls him 'Junior.' You have been warned.

He has sold a bunch of stuff to places like, Brainbox II, Punktown: Third Eye, and Book of Final Flesh. He won the 2002 Chiaroscuro/Leisure short story contest and soon after was offered the editing gig at Chizine. Brett (aka Mr. Editor-in-chief) thinks that Paul will do a great job with the fiction and picking up his dry cleaning.

Other points of mild interest: He has earned a bachelor's and master's degree in Mathematics, which as we all know are prerequisites for fiction writers. By day he teaches math and coaches basketball at a private school. His wife, son, and Rascal the dog often make fun of him when his back is turned. He is currently working on some sort of novel-number-2 and breaking his record of 27 three-pointers in a row. He is tall, handsome, and has no uvula.

Write to him: pnuke33[AT]

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